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Welcome to AuthorArranger


Conquer journal title pages in seconds

AuthorArranger is a free web tool designed to help authors of research manuscripts automatically generate correctly formatted title pages for manuscript journal submission in a fraction of the time it takes to create the pages manually. Whether your manuscript has 20 authors or 200, AuthorArranger can save you time and resources by helping you conquer journal title pages in seconds.

Simply upload a spreadsheet containing author details ordered by author contribution, or download AuthorArranger’s easy-to-follow spreadsheet template and populate it with author and affiliation details. Either way, once your author information is uploaded AuthorArranger will allow you to make format choices based on the submission rules of the journal. When finished, you get a downloadable and formatted document that has all your authors and affiliations arranged for journal submission.

Follow our QuickStart guide below, or jump right into the AuthorArranger Tool.

Upload table displays sample author and affiliations in column order: First name, Last name, Division, Institute. Note that affiliations in the template spreadsheet can be changed to whatever fits your organization.
Step 1. Upload Author and affiliation details.
(Download AuthorArranger template)
Author Format table gives the user a sample of the available format choices. For the first name, user may choose to abbreviate and/or add period, for the last name user may choose to abbreviate and/or add period). User may also choose to superscript or go to a new line. Next, the Affiliation format table gives the user a sample of the available choices. For the Division, the user may choose to add a comma and/or add period. For the Institute, the user may choose to add a comma and/or add period. User may also choose to superscript, go to new line, add numbers (such as in a list).
Step 2. Configure author and affiliation formatting options.
(The Preview pane shows live changes)
The Reorder table displays a column of author names, each with an X to the right of the name. User has the option of changing authors places in the list by clicking and dragging up or down, and removing an author by choosing the X next to the author’s name.
Step 3. Reorder or remove authors.
(See Reorder tab on Preview Pane)
Sample Title page displays author names in order, using the following formats: First initial, last name, superscript affiliation number. Underneath it lists the author affiliations (in this instance, division and institute) in numeric order.
Step 4. Copy or download generated title page.
(Title page conquered!)
Envelope icon and explanation that the tool gives the user the ability to generate an email list for contacting the entire list of authors (email tab is accessible on the AuthorArranger tool page, in the preview pane).
Step 5. (Optional) Generate email list for contacting authors.
(See Email tab on Preview Pane)